“The deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others can be our impetus as parents, caregivers, and educators to work toward a future of racial acceptance, diversity appreciation, and equal protection under the law,” writes Lynne Azarchi at the start of her book “The Empathy Advantage.”

After quickly adding that eliminating bias, discrimination, and hate is hard work for individuals, families, and communities, she states that “it is the existential work necessary for our nation if we are to increase kindness and respect and achieve greater social justice and equality.”

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Just like the What to Expect When You’re Expecting books, this is one you can refer to for years to come… If you know a parent who is struggling right now, or maybe you are wondering how to get your child to be kinder to others, I highly recommend this one.

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Wish I had this book when I was raising my kids!
February 15, 2021
Lynne Azarchi has done a magnificent job pulling together relevant data and integrating it seamlessly into a self-help book for both parents and teachers. Almost every page has a revelation like, Bullies themselves can get bullied and why, or a creative tip like making simple puppets and using them to act out scenarios that serve as a launching pad for empathy discussions with your child. The developmentally appropriate information makes this book a keeper from the day your kids are born until the moment they become emaciated . Highly recommended for all parents & teachers, especially those who are struggling to make youngsters more sensitive, civil, respectful human beings.

“…This book… will benefit all children, including those with disabilities and special healthcare needs… the main message is that empathy can be taught….and make {children} successful, in school, relationships, jobs, and life.”

“…a guide for you to understand not only how to teach your child to have empathy, but why it’s important and how it will help impact their life in a positive way.”

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“Backed by science and truly instructive, Azarchi’s inspiring book couldn’t come at a better time.”

Candace Smith

The wisdom and practicality of this book is summarized by this line from Chapter 1:  “Without empathy, we cannot understand diversity or people different from us.”  Empathy is the most basic and essential life skill. It makes classrooms and families humane places. As Lynne Azarchi shows, empathy can be taught.  Most importantly, Lynne can teach it, and that is exactly why this book belongs in every home and classroom- now more than ever.

Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D.
Director, Rutgers University’s Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab and has co-authored Emotionally Intelligent Parenting and The Joys and Oys of Parenting.

“Surely, there is no role as influential as that of a parent, nor responsibility as profound as modeling behaviors that build empathy in children. Lynne Azarchi, gently and methodically, empowers parents to teach kindness by creating opportunities that foster empathy. Early conversations about how it feels to walk in the shoes of another underlie a child’s successful journey into a compassionate and fulfilling adulthood. Azarchi shines a light upon the importance of a foundation in empathy – not only to help youngsters deal with the social and emotional challenges of growing up, but to enable them to live and thrive in the tolerant society they will create in the future.”

Dr. Helen Boehm
Parenting Across the Digital Divide: A National Conversation on the Impact of Technology and Media on Our Families

Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center, introduces to the reader recent research on empathy and social-emotional learning. This book shares activities that help parents, caregivers and educators develop children’s ability for human connection while acknowledging the strength in diversity, as well as practicing equity and inclusion.”

Yonty Friesem, Ph.D.
Founding Director, MA in Civic Media, Columbia College Chicago

The time has never been more ripe for parents and educators to explicitly teach empathy. The Empathy Advantage is timely and provides evidence-based guidance for parents and educators on myriad ways to promote empathy among children and students.  Recent evidence suggests that not only can empathy be taught, but now more than we ever, it is clear that empathy needs to be taught.  As Azarchi notes, evidence is mounting about the decline in empathy among children and young adults.  Parents and educators should not be complacent about this decline.  The data are clear that social-emotional character skills are associated with higher personal and academic achievement, as well as lower levels of bias towards others.  Plus, these skills create a pillar upon which bullying prevention skills can be improved.  The capacity for empathy builds one’s ability to care, give respect, provide support to others, and to be kind.   Now we know empathy can be taught and Azarchi provides guidance on just how to do that.

Nadia S. Ansary, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Rider University