The Influencer Club: The Empathy Advantage Lynne Azarchi Telling Us How To Heal Our Society

Kidsbridge is the only evidence-based center dedicated solely to youth in the country, with more than 2,500 preschool, elementary, and middle school youth improving their social-emotional skills each year. Visiting youth divide into small groups to discuss strategies for addressing: bullying, cyberbullying, stereotypes, media literacy, UPstander strategies, bias, diversity appreciation, and other related topics. More…

Lynne interviewed by her counterpart in Canada… Anita of Purposeful Empathy

Watch this episode to learn why emotional development is as important as academic development.

Lynne Azarchi is the author of The Empathy Advantage and Executive Director of KidsBridge Youth Center, a non-profit organization that has helped more than 30,000 students and educators improve their social and emotional learning (SEL). In this episode, she shares ways in which parents and educators can help children become more empathic and explains why SEL is correlated to academic success and wellbeing.

PHL-17: Why we Need to Teach our kids empathy now

Many parents have transformed their homes into virtual classrooms for their kids, and while its important to help them with school work, it’s equally important to teach them life skills as well.

One author says the most important thing to teach them is empathy.

Lynne Azarchi, author of The Empathy Advantage, shares why it’s so important at a time like this- between a pandemic, a rise in social media usage, a polarizing election, and more.