Empathy in Action Interviews

EMPATHY IN ACTION – Lynne interviews community members making a difference by giving back (Princeton Community TV)

Host Lynne Azarchi, Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center, invites community members who are making a difference, to share their courage and motivation to take empathic action for others. Face-to-face interpersonal skills are declining, while bias, hate and stereotypes are increasing. Anti-bias work starts with empathy by walking in the shoes of Black, brown, Asian, and ‘othered’ persons. Observing dramatic increases in anxiety, tension, and depression because of COVID-19, empathy can come to the rescue providing emotional support, caring and kindness.  That said, it’s not enough to have empathy for others, we must be empowered to take action to help others.

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Paula Bethea – Joyce Kilmer School Principal

Cecilia X. Birge – Princeton High School Assistant Principal and AAPI activist

Eman El-Badawi – Cranbury Township Committee representative; community service activist